10 Lifestyle Changes to Tame Anxiety

10 Lifestyle Changes to Tame Anxiety

We all struggle with anxiety at some point in our lives. But being constantly worried or fearful about things, events, places or people is a cause of concern and needs to be addressed. Some people can’t afford therapy and medications or may not have insurance to have their expenses covered. In such cases, it is inevitable to bring some lifestyle changes that can help alleviate anxiety.

Some of the significant changes to help people cope with anxiety are:

  1. Making bed every day – It certainly helps if a person makes bed in the morning as it gives a sense of accomplishment. It blocks the feeling of chaos that results from clutter. At the same time, one has something nice and tidy to look forward to after office.
  2. Keeping mobile in silent mode – Constant ringing and beeping of phone can be a source of distraction and cause immense anxiety. Therefore, at certain times during the day, one can keep the phone on silent mode to avoid losing focus.
  3. Sharing with like-minded people – One must have a circle of close friends or loved ones to share everything without any inhibition. Talking is therapeutic as it helps a person to give vent to his/her pent-up feelings. One can also join online and offline support groups to associate with like-minded people who can understand and empathize.
  4. Reducing screen time – One must minimize screen time, especially a couple of hours before sleeping. Excessive screen exposure interferes with one’s concentration levels and prevents from getting a restful sleep. One should also avoid watching television, playing video games or using laptop at least two to three hours before bedtime.
  5. Saying no – It is important to take as much work as one can handle. There’s no point being a people pleaser and do things out of flattery. One should learn to say no. It’s necessary for one’s peace, rather than agreeing to do everything and then suffering from a mental breakdown.
  6. Creating a to-do list – One must follow a schedule and prepare a to-do list for each day to streamline things and prioritize tasks. This provides mental clarity, reduces unnecessary worry and helps in proper planning. Accomplishing tasks one by one and ticking them off the list boosts confidence.
  7. Practicing self-care – Practicing self-care instills feelings of positivity and satisfaction. Listening to a peppy number of choice, a spa session, going on a vacation or cooking a favorite dish are some of the ways to pamper oneself and keep anxiety at bay.
  8. Getting rid of clutter – It is essential to keep clutter to the minimum so that one doesn’t have to struggle while looking out for something. This can be done by dividing the stuff into three categories – things that can be retained, donated and discarded.
  9. Working out – Regular physical activity releases the feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine, improves blood circulation and makes one feel fresh. One should try to devote at least half an hour daily to any physical exercise to feel invigorated.
  10. Calming the mind – Anxiety can be alleviated by silencing the racing mind through meditation, yoga, mindfulness, deep breathing exercises or tai chi. When the mind is agitated, it is bound to harbor negative thoughts and when it’s at peace, the irrational fears subside.

Don’t lose hope, seek recovery

Sometimes, despite trying the self-help techniques, a person is not able to conquer anxiety. In such a scenario, it is indispensable to seek professional treatment that may include medication and therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy.

Source by Barbara Odozi

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