3 Intimate Kama Sutra Positions

3 Intimate Kama Sutra Positions

There are many wild and wonderful Kama Sutra Positions. This is not all that the Kama Sutra offers. Here are 3 easy to use sex positions that will provide intimacy in a relaxed environment.

The Rest of The Warrior

Whilst it can be nice and enjoyable to have exhausting and wild sex, it can also be enjoyable to have a relaxed sex position once in a while. This is an easy to perform sex position out of the Kama Sutra which can give enjoyable and relaxing pleasure. The woman lies flat on her back with her knees lifted while the feet are flat on the surface. The man will be able to pass through her knees and lay alongside her.

Due to the unnatural position of the vagina it is possible to reach places never touched by penetration before. The simplicity of this position ensures the man has his hands free for clitoral stimulation or breast petting. There is a good chance you will be able to see each other face-to-face and this will only heighten the experience for both partners.

The Touching Embrace

Due to the positioning of this Kama Sutra position, the G-spot can be stimulated perfectly here, as well as provide the possibility of intimate touching. The man holds the woman tight between his torso and his thighs, giving direct access to the G-spot. Due to the position both lovers are in, it will be hard to move for either of them and penetrating motion is almost impossible. One can, however, make a rocking motion which will give the same incredible feeling for both partners. This is the perfect position for both partners to climax at the same time. If achieved together this will cause a small internal explosion in both partners.

The Union of the Shy Woman

The name has not much to do with the sex position itself as The Union of the Shy Woman is actually for “the not so shy” woman. The position is perfect as foreplay and will send chills down both spines as penetration will be ultimately achieved. As there are many options available for stimulation while in this kama sutra positions, there is not much that can go wrong in this sex position. Be nice to each other by whispering, touching and kissing each other all over and enjoy each others company.

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