4 Essential Minimum Requirements for the best Gaming Laptops

4 Essential Minimum Requirements for the best Gaming Laptops

When you look at all the choices that you have when it comes to the best gaming laptops, you’re going to find a plethora of options from all sorts of different companies. Everyone today seems to want to be getting into the gaming world, especially since gamers continually upgrade, purchase, and use their equipment. The reason for this is because video game developers appear to be one step ahead of the technology, and gamers always scramble to keep up. This is often times seen in the way video cars are released, with more and more powerful options being released to the general public. Many video cards coming completely equipped with fans to cool off just the card, which can be confusing for some. Now, before you end up confused as to what to choose next, consider the 4 essential minimum requirements that you’ll need for deciphering which is the best of the crop for your gaming needs.

Video Card – Your video card delivers the best graphics possible, and getting the best option here is going to mean that you can play the latest games at the fastest speeds. Combine a good graphics card with a good processor and you have a winning combination that will not cease to impress you. This will exponentially raise the cost of your laptop, but if you want ultimate performance, go with a dedicated card that is NOT integrated into the motherboard. It has to be a stand-alone component that can be taken out and upgraded if need be.

Screen Size – If you’re looking at the best gaming laptops in the industry, you’re going to enjoy the greatness that comes from no less than 17″ of screen. You have to get 17″ and if that’s not enough, go with something bigger, if you find it. You absolutely have to go with a 17″ screen, and if you can’t afford it, choosing a smaller option is plausible, but it won’t deliver the same kind of resolution or clarity that the larger option can.

RAM – There are a lot of different ways to look at this, but you will have to agree that a large amount of RAM will allow you to play games fast. Without a large amount you won’t be able to play games online nearly as fast, and you won’t be able to run the latest games. Make sure you don’t go with anything less than 4 gigs.

Optical Drive – The latest games are coming out in high definition and are utilizing the latest Blu-ray formatting. Make sure you have a Blu-ray option and make sure it’s up to par with writing and rewriting. Having the fastest drive means that you can get into a new game faster than ever, assuming you’re not going to purchase a download from the official manufacturers site. Even if you buy the game, you can download and then burn it to a disc for a back up.

One last note, make sure that when you look at the best gaming laptops, you set aside a good budget. You don’t want to be spending far too much money on a lackluster option, make sure you’re OK with the price of the computer you buy, and you’ll be in gaming heaven.
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