Internet Advertising Agencies

Internet Advertising Agencies

Internet advertising agencies carry the intended advertising message to a selected audience. It is essential to understand the distinction between the two commonly used terms- media and media vehicles. Newspapers form a media. Under this media, there are so many media vehicles. One of them is The New York Times. The same holds true with magazines, television channels, radio and Internet.

Selecting the appropriate media and the media vehicle, and arriving at a sound media mix, are crucial functions in advertising. These days advertising agencies provide help in media selection as an integral part of their service to the advertiser. The main concern of any Internet advertising agency is how best to carry the already decided advertising message to the target audience? Which media or combination of media will serve the purpose in the most effective manner?

Before assessing and evaluating the various media available, the agency has to study the firm’s market conditions- it is essential for them to find out the firm’s existing image in the market, characteristics of its major customer segments, their buying habits, their lifestyles and their pastimes. Next, the agency focuses on the marketing objectives of the firm. Ultimately the advertising campaign has to assist in attaining these objectives. He must also know the specific communication goals laid down by the firm.

These communication goals, which are explicitly stated by the firm, help the agency decide what media or media mix can deliver the advertising message for ultimately attaining these communication goals. Another factor that has to be seriously taken into account by the Internet advertising agencies is the total budget available to run the advertising campaign. This is an essential prerequisite because the money available will limit the choice of media.
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