Baby Bottle Feeding Advice and Guideline

Baby Bottle Feeding Advice and Guideline

If you have never fed a baby, you can’t be discouraged by the idea. After a few moments, you will wonder what you are worried about.

We all love important tips, so I asked the experts on bottle feeding. The parents who do it every day, who share their hacks of life. You told us.

Take Your Time

This could be the quietest part of your day with a newborn, so enjoy. Make yourself comfortable and keep the remote and the phone at your fingertips, and enjoy the proximity to your little ones.

Perfect moment or two

The feeding time can be the perfect time to force yourself to forget the stress of the day and spend a magical moment with your child. Your baby can quickly eat your milk or take your time. Whatever you hear, everyone said it was going so fast, so slow down for a few minutes and enjoy the moment, no matter if it’s long or short.

Temperature test

We all love our coffee at the right temperature. Not too hot or too cold. If your baby likes a hot bottle, use the inside of your wrist and if the temperature is comfortable, you’re ready to start. Why your doll? Because it is sensitive to heat and also easily accessible to the public.

A little, a little lower

He was told that 45 degrees is the perfect angle to hold his baby for food. But if all this is a little scientific for you, the armpit is actually the perfect place for your baby to sit, as long as your baby is halfway between sitting down and lying down. It’s really easy.

Air is your worst enemy

When it comes to feeding, the air in the milk causes a tremor in the back to most parents and can lead to the dreaded topic of colic. A little advice for bottle feeding is that the bottle is not kept too shallow. Always tilt the bottle so that the nipple is full of milk. You must tilt it further up while the bottle is emptying slowly. If you’re worried about the air, try our new Ultra bottle, which has an inclined nipple so that the nipple is always full of milk, or with our anti-colic bottle.

Few bitters

Your beautiful newborn with soft gums will not stay that way for long. Soon the teeth will come and from now on you will have to check your nipples to see if there are signs of a bite. The teeth are soft for the small gums, so the teeth can damage them. If you are a small child or like to chew, look and change your nipples. This also applies to lollipops.

What advice do you have for a baby who does not drink a bottle?

Whether it’s from the chest to the bottle or the combined diet, it can be quite frustrating if your little one rejects the bottle. It will probably make you wonder who the boss in this relationship is really. This is a problem that many parents face and there are many tips, but no magic solution. But before trying to find every branded bottle in the market you love, some resistance and a common sense approach can bring you a little closer and save you dollars.

Let’s face it, your baby has the luxury of her warm, comfortable chest and everything else will not be so beautiful. Waiting for immediate results is totally unrealistic. The longer the baby has in the chest, the less he will be impressed if he gives her a bottle. So get ready so that things do not go as well as you expect.

But before you pull your hair, remember that most babies pass and end up arriving. Here are some tips on bottle feeding to keep in mind when your baby is not drinking a bottle.

Start early

If you need to change bottles after returning to work, give yourself and your baby enough time to start a new routine. If you remember to change to the formula, try to make it comfortable in the breast milk bottle before moving on to the formula.

Bring the volunteers

Imagine being on a diet and eating healthy with a delicious cake on the table. No wonder your baby does not cooperate when what you want most (your chest) is there. Try to bring others to dinner so you are not there to remind them what they prefer.

Closer to the chest because babies prefer it

If you have a nipple in the bottle that mimics your breast well, your baby will likely help to accept the nipples. Tippee Tommee nipples have the most similar shape and movement to the breasts, so it’s more likely that your baby will accept them.

Addict in the bottle

Once you have tried all the above and more, you may be tempted to try different bottles and pacifiers until your baby accepts one. Every time you try a bottle, your baby feels a little better. Assuming you have taken all of the above steps, it is likely that six trials of the same bottle are as successful as trying out six different bottles one at a time. So you save your dollars and stick with the bottle, which comes closest to the shape and movement of the breasts.

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