Barebones Computer Kits, The Bare Essentials in Home Computing

Barebones Computer Kits

Barebones computer kits the most simple of all the computers. The take the most basic computer hardware, assemble it into a simple computer case, and will run the most basic level tasks and processes. There is nothing flashy or exciting about these kits, they are just the barebone essentials, hence the name barebones computer kits.


Because of the system limitations with barebones style computers, their uses are going to be very limited as well. The reason for purchasing a barebones computer kits, or building one is because a computer is more of a convenience, and less of a necessity. For those users, dumping excessive amounts of money into their computers is pointless because the desktop computer will not be used enough to justify the large expenditure that a gaming computer kit or home computer kits may tend to cause.

A barebones computer kits are used for the most basic of operations, and are usually bought to to perform the following functions:

  • internet surfing
  • email
  • social media networking
  • word documents, and office and business applications

Since this style of computer is meant to do nothing more than the more basic functions, there is no need to dump a great deal of money into something so simplistic. If you look at barebones computer kits from a different perspective, say laptops for example, you are looking at what is called a netbook. Netbooks are very small, very simple, and very inexpensive and are only meant for a few functions. A this type of desktop would be the same concept as a netbook but in desktop format.


Even the most basic system should carry a minimum of the following:

  • 2GB-3GB RAM
  • 80GB Hard Drive
  • Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon Processor
  • 128MB Graphics Card

The system specs do not have to be intense. The goal is for a bare minimum because the computer is not used often enough to justify that.

When you look for RAM keep in mind that it takes around 1GB of RAM to run most of the newer operating systems. So you still want to make sure that you have enough RAM to run the other functions that you are intending to use your computer for.

Your hard drive does not need to be huge unless you have a lot of games, photos, movies, and other media type files. Word documents, no matter what form they are saved as take up very little space. An 80GB hard drive would leave you with roughly 68GB of storage space. Part of the hard drive is allocated for the operating system and BIOS for your computer. 68GB is plenty of space for most people.

As far as your processor goes, I would recommend nothing less than a pentium or AMD athlon processor. A dual-core can be easily added for very little cost, and if you have a little bit of swing room, I would definitely recommend the dual core. It wil help speed up your processes, and make the general speed of the computer much faster.

Your graphics card is highly dependent on your other system hardware. You can not support a 1GB graphics card on the barebones computer kits. This is why I recommended a 128MG graphics card as opposed to something higher. The downside to a graphics card of this capacity is that it will not render graphics well on the screen.

A higher end graphics card would show much more detail and color in pictures, play games better, and show movies more clearly. With a barebones computer kit few if any of those operation are being done, so it is not necessary to pay extra for a higher caliber graphics card. Also, a barebones computer kit would not liekly support a higher end graphics card. Nothing more than a 128MG is necessary.


This article gives the information as to differentiate a home computer from the barebones computer. Home computer carry a little more versatility than a barebones computer kit, however, on the most basic level of functions they can handle them both on the same level. Barebones computer kits are intended for the users who sparingly use their computer kits, and a home computer kit is intended for a little more use, so the specs for home computers will be slightly higher than the specs for barebones. Source by Ethan Dreyer

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