Benefits Of Following The Paleo Diet Lifestyle

Benefits Of Following The Paleo Diet Lifestyle

The paleo diet really is more of a lifestyle than a true diet. Its main goal is a healthy living, not direct weight loss. However, this is for many, a side effect of making the required eating habit changes to one’s daily diet. There are many benefits to living the paleo way and we will discuss that further in this very article. If you are interested in living a happier, more mentally alert and healthy life, then please keep reading.

The automatic result of changing eating habits to the foods our Paleolithic ancestors ate is, we no longer get bombarded with the complex and dangerous chemicals that are commonly added to the most popular foods in today’s grocery stores. It is believed that our bodies have not evolved to properly process many of these chemicals. On the other hand, many of these chemical are plain old Dangerous to our bodies and mental capacity.

Eating real food, not processed foods, will make a noticeable and positive change to your mental and physical health. As stated earlier, this is not technically a diet plan, more of a lifestyle based around making healthy choices to fuel your body with the best wholesome foods possible. The results for many do include weight loss, but please consider the points below when considering what the paleo diet really has to offer to you and anyone who takes the proper steps to make changes in their own life.

Food Coloring May Be Pretty, But …

Did you know many of the most common foods (not found on the paleo diet food list) have food coloring added to them to make them look appetizing? This alone does not sound dangerous, but the actual chemicals to obtain these colors are very problematic. In the 1970’s the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) banned red dye no. 2 because it was found that in high doses it would actually cause cancer in laboratory rats. The yellow no. 5 dye was found to increase hyperactivity in children by a British study in 2007 and to worsen asthma symptoms by studies that go back to the 1950’s.

Naturally Sweet, Just Makes Sense

High fructose corn syrup has received a lot of negative media in the past few years and for good reason. This sweetener that is derived from corn, an alternative to natural sugar from sugar cane, has some major health concerns connected to it. This sweetener is found in soft drinks, junk food and just about anything that is sweet and carries a decent shelf like at the grocery store. It has been connected to the rise of obesity in America and the body does not metabolize it in the same way as sugar based sweeteners.

Mercury contaminants are found in it and this has yet to be regulated by the FDA. The companies that use this in their foods have spent millions to “educate” the public on its safety, yet the extraction process is still secret and unknown to all. This additive is almost exclusively used in poor quality “food like substances”, so that should be enough for you to know you need to stay away from it.

Salty & Healthy Do not Belong In The Same Sentence

Americans love salt. There I said it. Many people love to put extra salt on foods that are already doused with butter (which normally already contains salt) to bring out this familiar taste. There are many dangers of high sodium diets. The most obvious is the hypertension or high blood pressure (that leads to heart issues) that is associated with too much salt in one’s diet. In mature adults, high salt intake can lead to premature cognitive decline. Salt also changes the way your kidneys function, not allowing it to regulate the release of water to the body as normal and can lead to kidney stones. Salt can even lead to a skin condition called edema. This condition causes swelling of the extremities.

Living The Paleo Life

There are many other reasons that the paleo diet has become one of the most popular ways to change your health. The reasons discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg. The real magic starts when you realize that removing the things that have a negative impact on your health are magnified by adding more of the healthy vitamins and nutrients found in the foods that are paleo approved. Changing your lifestyle takes time and of course some work, but hopefully you have found enough reasons here that you find the determination to move forward with some healthy changes starting today!

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