Entertainment Cabinet Cooling Fan Installation: 5 Tips to Make It Easier

Rubber Case Fan Mounts

Rubber case fan mounts are designed to be as easy to use as screws. Most people know that these can help reduce noise, but they are also commonly used in the installation process because rubber case mounts are known for being softer, and therefore causing less damage than a metal screw.

As an added bonus, the anti-vibration rubber mounts will reduce noise even more than the regular rubber case mounts. Most people make the assumption that installing rubber case mounts will automatically going to reduce vibration, but that isn’t always the case.

Build Them in the Bottom

Most people think about their gaming systems and televisions getting hotter, and assume that the products should be installed to point directly at those items. This can involve using stands, making things a bit more difficult. These are also easily seen, which makes an entertainment center less than appealing.

Instead, break out the power tools and put them in the bottom of the media cabinet. The cool air will still circulate throughout the cabinet, helping to cool down the electronics before they overheat, and it won’t be an eyesore like fans on stands in the sides of the cabinet will be.

Make Sure the Hot Air Can Get Out

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make when they try to cool down their media cabinet is to make sure that there is a cold air flow, and then forget about the hot air that needs to get out of the cabinet. When the cold air is circulating, make sure that doors are open or that there is a hole somewhere for the hot air to escape to avoid potential problems.

Hot Air Rises

When you start to think about the fact that hot air needs a way to get out of the media cabinet, it’s important to remember that hot air rises. If the cooling products are placed at the bottom, they are going to push hot air up higher. It’s beneficial to have something else at the top to help push it out. This will give a cleaner look than chopping a random hole in the top somewhere, and it will give a customer with the media cabinet they need.

They’re Never Silent

Some people spend hundreds of dollars on several different products to create a silent cooling system. No matter how many anti-vibration products or noiseless products a person buys, they are not going to wind up with a cooling system that does not make a single noise. It’s better to get the noise as low as possible, and then turn on the cooling system when it is needed. If they are quiet enough, a cooling system cannot be heard over a loud television anyway.

Designing and installing a personal cooling system for a media cabinet comes with its own set of challenges. Even an expert will have to put some thought into the proper way to install a cooling system in their own media cabinet.

Space, budget, knowledge and experience are all things that need to be taken into consideration, and these tips will help in all of those areas. Source by Johny Brown

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