Fix Fallout 3 Windows 7 Freeze

Fallout 3 may freeze while it is running on Windows 7. To fix this issue, you have to attempt the following steps:

1. Enable the Threaded AI
2. Fix the Registry Issues
3. Update Graphics Driver
4. Update DirectX
5. Delete the Contents in your Game Cache
6. Install the Latest Version of Microsoft .NET Framework

Here are all the steps explained one by one.

Enable the Threaded AI

Fallout 3 freezes in Windows 7 if the Threaded AI functionality is disabled. You have to enable this functionality to stop Fallout 3 freezing.

1. Open My Documents.
2. Double click: My Games Fallout3
3. Double click to open the Fallout.ini file.
4. Search these line:
bUseThreadedAI = 0
5. Replace 0 with 1.
6. Insert the following line below it:
iNumHWThreads = 2
7. Press Ctrl + S to save the changes you have made.
8. Close the file.

Fix Registry Errors

Fallout 3 freezes in Windows 7 if the registry junk entries were found in your Windows. To fix the problem, repair the registry and remove any obsolete registry entries found there.

1. Download a Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer software.
2. Install and run it.
3. Click Registry Cleaner | Start Scan.
4. Click Fix Now for undertaking repair process.

Update Graphics Driver

An outdated graphics card driver may also cause Fallout 3 to freeze in your PC. You have to update drivers for fixing this problem.

From where should I get an updated version of the graphics driver?

You can get the graphics driver from the website of the Graphics Card manufacturer. You must know the Serial Number before downloading an appropriate version.

Update DirectX

An older version of DirectX results in Fallout 3 freezing problem. Download the latest version from the official website of Microsoft and install it on your computer.

Delete the Contents in your Game Cache

The game cache contains the most frequently used files for speeding up the game performance. Corrupted cache contents cause games in Windows 7 to freeze randomly. To fix the problem delete the cache contents.

1. Open Console. To do so, press ~ key
2. Type PCB and press ENTER.

Install the Latest Version of Microsoft .NET Framework

Installing the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework may also fix Windows 7 game freezing.

1. Visit the official website of Microsoft.
2. Search for the download link of the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework.
3. Install it on your computer.
4. Restart the computer.
Article by Shane Z

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