Hot and Sexy Kissing Games For Two – Get a Little Intimate With Your Girl

Hot and Sexy Kissing Games For Two – Get a Little Intimate With Your Girl

Kissing is one of the most intimate, passionate and fun activities you can do with your girlfriend. Sharing a kiss is healthy, can keep the romance sizzling in your relationship not to mention that it heightens sexual tension making you both yearn for each other all the time. Below are three hot and sexy kissing games for two you’d be crazy not to try:

  • The Kiss Tease Game. Tease each other to kiss the other — by not kissing at all! Look into each other’s eyes, keep your faces and lips close and the first one to kiss loses the game. Prepare fun truth or consequence penalties and start the teasing and kissing now!
  • The Passionate Kiss Test. Get comfortable in a couch, start sexual tension. Hold hands, caress, hug, snuggle, fondle — and then kiss passionately for as long as you can. The first one who gives up (or would get too horny to initiate sex) loses. This calls for the battle of wits and self control so good luck!
  • Steal-a-Kiss Challenge. When out on a date or when being together outdoors, try to steal kisses and the more kisses you steal, the better chance for you to win. Walk in the mall, shop at the grocery store or stroll along the park — and start stealing kisses now! No need to make it an intimate kiss — a plain smack will do. Kisses on the lips earn double points. You can evade a kiss if you want to! Make sure the place isn’t too crowded or you’d both start to get annoying. Have fun!

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