How to Make Your Boyfriend Care! He Will Stop Acting Like a Jerk After You Follow These Steps

How to Make Your Boyfriend Care! He Will Stop Acting Like a Jerk After You Follow These Steps

Not too many guys are in touch with their emotions. In fact, most of them are uncomfortable when it comes to expressing their feelings towards their girlfriends or wives. If your man’s behavior bugs you rather than makes you feel more in love with him, then it’s time to assess what you can do to make him care a little more.

Yes. You can be the catalyst for your guy to start becoming a little bit more caring. Here are ways that you can gently coax him into becoming more thoughtful:

Behave Like You’re Still In Your Honeymoon Phase

Isn’t your honeymoon phase the sweetest phase in your entire relationship? This is the time when you both put your best foot forward and when you seem to be blind with the other’s imperfections. Try this experiment: when you’re about to snap, keep your tongue from wagging. Be more cheerful and positive, and your boyfriend will definitely notice the change.

Reinvent Yourself from Time to Time

If you’ve had that same haircut for ages, then it’s time to cut those long locks and sport a new hair style! The idea is to break from the humdrum of the relationship so go ahead and buy new wardrobe, purchase a new perfume, have a Brazilian wax or find a new hobby.

Avoid Being Needy or Clingy

If you want your boyfriend to run in the opposite direction, then start nagging and begging for his attention. Wake up to the reality girl! No man could give you a hundred percent of his time. He, too, has friends and a career to attend to, so stop being immature and let him go.

Do Good Things for Him

There’s nothing lowly about cooking or baking for your boyfriend. You can do these small favors occasionally just so he knows that you care for him and that you’re willing to do sweet things for him.

Try to Go on a Date Without Discussing Any Serious Issues

A lot of women make the mistake of going out on a date and turning that date into a nightmare. Instead of having fun during the date, most women discuss relationship issues instead; therefore, what could have been a great time together turns sour.

Respect Him

Respect begets respect so give him what he deserves. Never yell at him, call him names, neither talk badly about him in front of your relatives or friends. You should also respect the fact that he has a part in decision making processes.

Keep the Love Alive

No matter how turned off you are with some of his qualities, it’s important that you maintain your affection for him. Detesting his hateful qualities will only worsen things so better keep account of the things that you are thankful about instead. Source by Russell Jackson

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