It Is A Great Time To Be One Who Plays Video Games

It Is A Great Time To Be One Who Plays Video Games

There is something special about the video games of today. The people who enjoy playing them are living in a very exiting time. With the recent releases of Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 (and Xbox 360 a little while back) the gaming experience has been raised to a whole new level. You know there must be something really exciting about the newly released next generation video game consoles if people are willing to camp out in front of stores for a week before their release and then stampede inside the store once they open the doors.

While the hype was substantial leading up to the releases of Nintendo Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3, there is also something to be said for customer satisfaction in these cases. These customers are so happy with what they have already seen in the previous products of these companies that they cannot wait to get their hands on whatever products they are offering next.

The new features that these new systems offer such as Motion-Sensitive Remotes, Online Gaming, Wi-Fi Support and High Definition Game Support have customers fighting to be the first ones to have them. It is doubtful that any of them minded the camping out in front of the store part though, because they probably all had a PSP (Playstation Portable) with them and were playing all the cool PSP downloads they got from the Internet. You can now bring your video games with you where ever you go on the planet.

Sony and Nintendo are now neck and neck in the race for technological dominance of the computer game industry. While PlayStation 2 dominated this race for years since it’s debut back in 1995, Xbox 360 came on the scene and became a competitor. Nintendo suddenly vaulted to the front of the race when they recently released their Wii console. This system takes gaming to a whole new level. It has a revolutionary type of motion sensitive remote control that allows the user to get off their seat and actually get some exercise as they punch, swing, kick and dance their way through the games.

Sony released their PlayStation 3 console soon after Wii was released and they jumped back to the front of the race alongside Nintendo with this action. Wii is selling for a little bit less than PlayStation 3 is selling for, and this is a big plus for parents on a budget, impressive features aside. However, Sony’s new system has many impressive features of it’s own such as DVD Movie Playback capability and a 60GB hard drive available. These two systems have a little bit of an advantage over Xbox, for it does not have a motion sensitive remote control.

Xbox will eventually have a system that is comparable to these two systems. The main reason that Xbox 360 is still in the game is because they have such a huge selection of games that go with their systems. The Xbox 360 console has 116 games that can be played with it, while PlayStation 3 has 41 and Wii has 47 games. It will not be long before a new version of Xbox 360 is released and then the race will have 3 companies running neck and neck at the front.

Playing a video game these days is like stepping into another world and leaving reality behind for a little while. The technology that is involved with the production of these games is definitely on the cutting edge. Things like next generation motion capture, high definition graphics and motion-sensitive remote controls have made today’s video gaming experience nothing less than exhilarating, and to some extent liberating. Your problems disappear once you escape into the world of a video game.

The quality of the graphics, the level of interactivity and the variety of features these spectacular computer games offer these days are like nothing ever seen before. Playing these games is a great way to lose stress and forget about your problems for a little while, even if it is just for twenty minutes during a lunch break. Game Boy and Sony’s PSP units have made it so that you can play games just about anywhere.

It is an exciting time to be a video game player. Technology has advanced to the point where you are no longer just playing the game, but you are actually in the game. If you are the kind of person who just loves to play video games, then you must agree that it is a great time to be alive. Source by Michael Connelly.

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