Message From My Heart to Your Heart: Love Is All You Need

Message From My Heart to Your Heart: Love Is All You Need

I have spent 27 years of my life believing that the death of a loved one is the most painful experience you ever have to go through. I remember that I used to weep for hours on just the fact that my parents may not live with me for whole my life. However, yesterday I had an epiphany that changed my whole perspective on pain. After having a painful rather torturing fight with someone I love, I realized that it’s not the death of a loved which is the most painful experience but the realization of the fact that the one person you love the most doesn’t understand you.

Well, I don’t think I can give words to that pain but let me give it a try. It was just like a sharp mirror entering into my body after cutting my skin layers one after the other in a very slow motion. I am not exaggerating but I felt that my heart will stop beating any minute. The next thing I knew was that I was crying with loud voices. Luckily, no one saw me but if they did, they would have definitely thought that I have lost any of my loved ones to death. It was that moment when I realized that death is not that painful. When someone dies, your mind consciously and subconsciously accept this fact because you know that there is nothing you can do to reverse the situation. The real pain is when your loved one is with you but still, you feel alone, you feel that no one in the whole world understands your situation. That is when you really feel the pain and it’s not just a psychological pain but also a physical pain.

I read somewhere that love gives pain and suffering but it also gives the courage to overcome that pain. Well, I don’t fully agree with it. How can a feeling as beautiful as love become a cause of pain? My mind is still not ready to accept it. Well, it may be because just like the millions of other girls, I have spent my whole life watching romantic movies and thinking that one day my hero will come to rescue me. Ladies, I don’t want to hurt you but there ain’t coming any prince charming who will change your life for good.

The ultimate lesson I have learned from my life is that at the end of the day you are the only and only person who loves you the most and no matter how much caring and loving the other person is, there will come times when you will start to feel that he don’t even know you and vice versa. So my suggestion to you is just to stop waiting for that one right guy and start loving yourself right from this very day, in fact right from this very minute.

Don’t wait for him to bring chocolates for you, buy them yourself. Stop waiting for him to travel the world, go pack the bag and get moving. Marriage and relation is not the whole life, it is just a small part of it. Don’t let it affect your whole life. Well, I am now going to buy my princess (means myself) her favorite flavor of ice cream. Now that you are here, use this time to think beyond the picture. Try to live every moment of your life even if you have to live it alone. You need to understand that you can’t make anyone else happy unless and until you are happy. Stay happy, love that beautiful, intelligent, loving, caring and passionate girl whom you see every day in the mirror. And one day, you will definitely find the one who will add to your happiness.

Source by Mehwish Majeed

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