MSI R4870 – T2D1G Graphic Card

MSI R4870 – T2D1G Graphic Card

MSI R4870 – T2D1G is the latest graphic card from MSI and it is for games enthusiasts. With 1GB DDR5 memory the smooth rendering of DirectX 10 high-capacity 3D games is not a fuss anymore. With 1GB DDR5 graphic memory ensure excellent visual quality and eliminates graphic lag in today’s demanding texture data of 3D games. Cleaner and simpler wiring reduce the noise level and it is also not an issue working under lower voltage and higher clocking to enhance 3D gaming performance.

This high-end graphic card utilises the latest 2nd generation of 55nm GPU. Integrated with ATI PowerPlay power-saving technology, the MSI R4870 – T2D1G graphic card doubles the performance enhancement with the same wattage.

MSI R4870 – T2D1G graphic card also has the advanced UVD 2.0 video decoder core, a built-in HDCP key encryption which enable Blu-Ray and HD DVD movie playback and make 100% complete hardware acceleration to MPEG-2 / VC-1 / H.264 video format. The UVD 2.0 video decoder core is capable of simultaneous decoding of two videos in P-I-P (Picture-in-Picture) Mode. This graphic card built-in audio codec chip produces 7.1 channel surround sound via HDMI connector.

This MSI R4870 – T2D1G supports DirectX 10.1 framework of Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 plus offers 800 stream processors, which achieved the unprecedented levels teraflop (1000Gflops) of computing capability. It supports CrossFireX technology combined with CrossFire-ready mainboard to enable 2 to 4 graphics cards to work at the same time; this substantially enhance gaming performance and gives you a whole new level of gaming experience. Source by Stephen Woon

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