Ten Lifestyle Evangelism Tips that work

Ten Lifestyle Evangelism Tips that work

We’re told by Jesus to go out into the whole world and tell others about the Good News?

But just how can we do that?

Here’s my top ten suggestions on how to share Christ with a nonbeliever.

1. Look for common interests. With most people, it does little good to hit people over the head with a Bible. Instead, talk about common interests, problems, experiences. In other words, build a relationship.

2. Listen more than you talk for the first few minutes. Ask questions. How did that make you feel? What did you think about then? Then what? Open -ended questions are always the best.

3. Empathize. Sympathize. Let your eyes and body language convey to the person that you are listening and understand. Don’t pass judgment. Don’t ever say “I know just how you feel.” you don’t.

4. Ask questions that let you go for Biblical direction. “Have you read what the Bible says about this?” Or “Can we see what the Bible says about this?” Always present the Bible as an authoritative resource. Try some humor.You know the acronym for BIBLE: Basic…Instructions…Before…Leaving…Earth.

5. Share your story. Tell about your life BC – Before Christ. And your life AC – After Christ. Learn to be able to give your personal testimony in three minutes or left.

6. Don’t be afraid to say you don;t know the answer to a particular question or problem. Offer to check it out and promise to get back with an answer or scriptural reference. And do so.

7. Remember your witness. Often, before a friend or coworker seeks spiritual counsel, they’ve been watching you for weeks. If you stress out or lose your temper, apologize. No one expects you to be perfect. It’s how you handle difficulties that often open the door for a conversation.

8. Seek out open doors for a continuing dialogue. Don’t try to deal with every issue in one meeting.Take time to discuss one or two in depth. Try to arrange follow up discussion times.

9. Invite them to church. There they can find true spiritual community. Offer to pick them p and drive them and treat them to lunch afterwards.

10. Practice lifestyle evangelism. Have a Bible always handy. Wear Christian T-shirts or jewelry where appropriate. Many a spiritual conversation has started because of a T-shirt.

Source by Mike Fletcher

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