The 7 Most Powerful Habits Of The Richest Salespeople

The 7 Most Powerful Habits Of The Richest Salespeople

Many can’t manage to understand how they do it, others often make up excuses to justify their failures in comparison to the incredible success that the few top performers have.

But if you look at them more closely, the best sales professionals, the richest ones, have common traits that make them successful.

Below you will find out the “secrets” of the top salespeople, what you are about to read can literally change your professional life and can turn you from mediocre to a rich sales superstar.

They adapt their approach to their customers

Many salespeople use the same type of approach with all customers and this kind of “safe” approach can only ensure long-term mediocrity, but if your goal is to achieve excellence instead, and to obtain results similar to those of rich salespeople, then you have to adapt your approach to the different personalities and to the different types of clients with whom you come into contact.

They’re strongly motivated.

Being motivated is not only important in our profession, it is fundamental.

I’ve already talked in other articles about how to motivate yourself and one of the easiest ways to do it is to have precise and ambitious goals, that excite you when you wake up in the morning and keep you busy until the end of the day.

For some it may be a holiday in the Caribbean, for others a new car or a bigger house, whatever your motivation is, it is important that you write down your goals and that you include a deadline for each of them, this not only will you keep yourself positively focused on your job, but it will also improve the rest of your life.

They are always looking for “hacks” to improve their sales cycle

The richest salespeople optimize their time and resources in order to take advantage of every moment they have available.

Once they optimize an activity, they repeat it constantly until it stops working.

They make sure that everything they do is focused on selling and when possible they outsource the rest of their daily activities.

They go after their target customer

The richest salespeople work with their target customers in mind, they know exactly who they are going after and what their wants and needs are.

They practice active listening.

I will never stop highlighting the importance of active listening, in the sales process.

If you focus on listening to your customers, most of the time they will tell you everything you need to know.

Remember: you were not born with chance and with ears, you need to listen to something else.

They consistently work to expand their existing customer base.

The mediocre salespeople are happy at the end of every sale and they think that at that point their work is finished, the top performers instead do everything they can to maximize their sales and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by their existing customers to get referrals and expand their clientele.

They constantly focus on building relationships.

Gary, a close friend of mine and a successful insurance salesman, never misses an opportunity to share his business with anyone he meets, at any hour of the day.

One of the common characteristics that I have noticed, when I interview top salespeople is that of not having barriers between private and professional life, their profession is so attractive that it represents an integral part of their life.

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